Oily Skin And Acne

Oily Skin And Acne

Biologically Based Solutions For Skin Health

Oily skin is the most common characteristic of adolescents and young adults. During puberty, sebaceous glands mature and starts to produce significantly more skin fat or sebum. It plays a vital role in protecting the skin against various external influences and moisture loss. However, when a genetic reasons fat formation and excretion occurs excessively, the skin acquires a greasy shine and promotes skin pore enlargement. Oily skin shines, has a thick, dull, rough texture and extended pores. If these manifestations are only facial T-zone (forehead – nose – chin), then the skin is called combined. After puberty signs of oily skin begins to recede, but may persist in adulthood and is often seasonal, intensification of heat and increased air humidity.

People with oily skin are more prone to acne (acne) formation, and, according to the latest scientific discoveries, the main cause of acne is not so much the increased fat excretion as fat degradation of the fatty acid level changes. On what is the most common oily skin characteristics and how to help your skin healthy look reveals dermatologist.

Skin Greasy Luster

This is due to excessive fat excretion as enhanced response and regulatory effects of sex hormones. Skin fat influenced the formation of the male sex hormone testosterone active form dihydrotestosterone associated with sebaceous gland cell receptors and activates the sebaceous glands and enhances the formation of fat. If the receptor number or increased sensitivity, or the body creates too much dihydrotestosterone, the skin increased fat. This problem is not the specific medical solution, but a good result can be achieved by feed correctly selected curative cosmetics, which not only temporarily optically reduces glare, but also provides a long-lasting solution, regulating fat excretion.

Enlarged Pores

Skin pore size is genetically determined, but there are several factors that may contribute to pore expansion: increased fat excretion, hormone imbalance, skin obedience. Pore increase is not related to acne severity. Also, the skin feature is not the specific medical solution, and the above-mentioned genetic reasons, the laser effect is usually not long lasting. In order to improve skin texture, it is advisable to opt for the daily care products that provide the effect of pore-tightening effect.

Comedones Or “Black Spots”

Comedones is one of acne symptoms. They can be closed or opened (MEZ these called the “black spots”). If the skin is mainly comedones and only occasionally by a red, inflamed acne element, then it shows mild acne. Simultaneously with the release of excessive fat is also characterized by the qualitative change: the fat is more specific fat – squalene. Squalene is oxidized, it becomes viscous and can not easily get to the top layer of skin, and increased fat hair follicle multiply the output cells (hair follicle fat output is the path through which the grease gets on the skin surface). Outlet blocked, formed the so-called fat cork. Since comedones are one of the symptoms of acne, then to find the best possible solution, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. When choosing cosmetic products pharmacy, pay attention to those governing the quality of fat by inhibiting the thickening and clogging pores.

Inflamed Acne Or “Red Sores”

This is the second and usually the most conspicuous symptom of acne, which is followed by the next SILIS process development. The clogged fat hair follicle increased reproduce naturally on the skin bacteria Propionibacterium acne, which is important for the formation of inflammatory course, creating a lot of irritants. With the development of inflammation, a red, painful sores. Acne can be successfully treated with various, mostly topically to the skin for use as pharmaceuticals, in addition to the use of medicated cosmetics, which helps restore healthy skin characteristic of the fat composition as such an effect does not yet ensure no medication.

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